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Disney World tickets are ordered three weeks out at the Utah MWR ticket office. Disneyland and all other tickets are printed in office. There is a 4% processing fee for all card transactions.

Ensure a service member or their spouse will be present with the group at Disneyland so the tickets can be activated. If service member is not present, Disney may turn guests away. Regularly discounted tickets may be purchased if service member or their spouse will not be present or if the service member needs more than six salute tickets.

Contact Trevin to receive 2020 pricing for Disneyland, Disney World, or any other ticket type.

Traveling to California? Here is a list of our top attractions in the area.

1.) How do we purchase tickets?

Just drop by the office and everything can be completed in-person. You may pay with card, cash, or check but keep in mind that all card transactions will require a 4% processing fee. Most of our tickets are printed here on-demand  except for Disneyworld, which requires an order at least 3 - 4 weeks in advance. If you are leaving to Disney World on short notice, please contact Trevin and he can give you your other options for achieving the military rate. We recommend that you figure out as much information about your trip as possible in advance (group names, group ages, ticket types, how many to purchase, etc.) then visit us at the ticket office afterward. If the ticket office is busy and the majority of trip planning is being made at the office, you may be asked to wait. As always, please contact Trevin with any questions.

2.) How many tickets may I purchase?

It depends on the vendor, but the general trend for most military tickets is 6 tickets per member per year. Additional tickets may be purchased at a regularly discounted rate in most cases. These tickets don't generally have a purchase limit and are just discounted rates of regular tickets.

3.) Do I need my military I.D.?

If you purchased a military ticket the vendor will require a military I.D. or a valid spouse I.D. at the park. Examples of military tickets include Disneyland 3/4 Day Military Park Hopper Tickets (A.K.A. Military Salute) Universal Orlando 4 Day Park to Park Military, and Legoland CA 3 Day Military Park Hopper. Any other tickets may or may not require a military I.D., and it is up to the vendor on what they require and/or enforce, and this information may or may not be immediately available to the ticketing office. We require Military I.D. for military ticket purchases at our office.

4.) Is there tax?

No. This is one reason that we beat most vendors in price. For example, even if you had to purchase a regular ticket, it would still be cheaper here than at the park in most cases because we don't charge tax. These are what we call our regularly discounted tickets. Please make sure to check with the vendor before coming in to see if they are offering any better deals. Example: Seaworld's Waves of Honor program. 

5.) Do you offer any hotels? Car rentals? Flights? Cruises?

There is an awesome MWR service called American Forces Travel that offers all of these services especially for military! More information can be found HERE

6.) Do I need to be present with the group that I purchased military tickets for?

In most cases with military tickets, yes. Disneyland does require the service member or military spouse with their applicable I.D.'s to be present with the rest of the group at first use. It does not necessarily have to be the same service member which purchased the tickets, just one that these tickets can be applied to.

7.) Are there any black-out dates? When does the ticket expire?

It depends entirely on the vendor. Be sure to ask the ticketing sales-person if any black-out dates are applicable to your ticket. There is a lot of things to keep track of when processing your tickets, and it is possible to be forgotten to check for. Always ask about the dates that your ticket is valid if not already brought up by the ticket office!

8.) Who can use military tickets?

In most cases, they may be used for any friends or family of the service member. Some tickets, however, may only be applied to the service member.

9.) I live out-of-state or far away from the Utah MWR Ticket office. What are my options?

First off we would check to see if there is an MWR Ticket Sales Office closer to your location that you can travel to. If not, we would inform you of your other options. In the case that you need your tickets on very short notice and no other accommodation can be made, we would be happy to ship your tickets out to you. Payment would have to be done either over the phone with a card, or you may mail us a check. Keep in mind that we will include a shipping fee and any card processing fees if applicable. In many cases, it may be cheaper to purchase your tickets at the gate of the park. In many cases, the same military ticket may be available at the park. They will include tax however, but it is typically only a few dollars more per ticket and may still be cheaper than with the shipping fee and/or card processing fee.

10.) Who is eligible for these tickets?

It depends on the vendor. Disney has an eligibility sheet for their military tickets (included here):

Disney Eligibility Front / Eligibility Back

The general MWR ticket eligibility sheet can be found HERE.